SpaceX unveils futuristic spacecraft

The private company SpaceX has unveiled its new craft designed to ferry astronauts to and from space.

The Dragon V2 has room for seven astronauts inside and a swing-down computer screen for the pilot to use.

US space agency Nasa is looking for new ways to get its astronauts to and from space - and now big businesses are pitching their ideas.

Nasa used to use space shuttles which were a bit like planes. They would blast off attached to a rocket, and glide back down to Earth to land.

The shuttles were retired in 2011 and since then the US has had to use Russian rockets.

Unlike the old shuttles, the Dragon V2 doesn't need a runway to land. It can use side thrusters to land vertically, like a helicopter.

It's up to Nasa to decide whether they'll use the capsules in the future, and there are several other companies bidding to be chosen.

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