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Pictures: Ricky and Ayshah's World Record attempt

Ricky Boleto and Ayshah Tull attempt a couple of bizarre World Records at CBBC's Live event in Newcastle Gateshead.
Record 2: How many times can you spin around on a spinny chair? Not for the faint of heart, or the weak of stomach. Fortunately, our two intrepid record breakers are built of the right stuff.
Ricky Boleto and Ayshah Tull
It's time to break some records! Ricky and Ayshah have been set some serious challenges at CBBC Live.
Ricky Boleto and Ayshah Tull
Record 1: You start with 18 rows of wooden blocks, and have to add 10 to your stack in the fastest possible time...
Ricky Boleto and Ayshah Tull
...without your stack falling over! Oh dear Ricky. It seems Ayshah's doing a bit better.
Ricky Boleto and Ayshah Tull
Oops. Ricky takes a tumble during his brave attempt. So who will be crowned the victor? Will either of them break a record? Tune in to Saturday's Newsround, live from Newcastle Gateshead, to find out...
Ricky Boleto falls off a chair