What you're hoping to see in the new series of Doctor Who

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Check out the new Doctor Who trailer!

It's not long to go now until the return of everyone's favourite Time Lord.

Yes that's right, Doctor Who is returning to our screens in August and to celebrate the show's makers have released a teaser trailer.

In it viewers see a quick glimpse of the 12th Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi.

You told us what you're hoping to see in the new series of Doctor Who.

Your comments

I'm hoping to see some new monsters as well as the classics. Maybe the new monsters that can travel in time like the doctor. That would be a hard mission!

Amina, Bradford, England

I would love to see the return of the Slitheen or the Sycorax.

Luke, Liverpool, England

I wish to see more monsters and creatures.

Elizabeth, Cambridge, England

I think there should be more monsters and aliens and more than one companion.

Rosa, Somerset, England

I'm hoping to see a restoration of the Daleks memory of the Doctor, as in S7 E1, 'Oswin Oswald' clears the Daleks memory of the Doctor.

Henry, Hillingdon, England

I'm hoping Peter Capaldi will help make Doctor Who a bit more EPIC! Though he'll have a tough time taking over from Matt Smith!

Rhys, Avon, England

I think that they should have K.9 back in Doctor Who because he is funny and it would be totally EPIC!

Eloise, Trowbridge, England

I hope that I can see more of the Weeping Angels and the Daleks and the silence!

Amit, UK

More monsters and a new sonic screwdriver.

Scott, Liverpool, England

I'm so excited for the new series. I hope to see loads of new and brilliant, exciting adventures!

Ellie, Sheffield, England

I would like to see a new side-kick actress like Emma Watson from Harry Potter.

Joshua, Suffolk, England

I hope that he will be very funny and there will be Daleks. I want his companions to be very very beautiful and cool.

Eloise, France

I just can't wait to watch Doctor Who, I hope the aliens will be scarier than before and we might meet some familiar faces.

Namood, London, England

I would like to see different planets and monsters like the Medusa and new horrible creatures.

Ruweyda, Birmingham, England