Thailand's army takes control of country

Last updated at 06:35
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Martin reports on Thailand's crisis

In Thailand, the army has taken control of running the country from its government.

But the move - known as a military coup - has been criticised, with America and other major countries all saying that there's no justification for it.

It comes after months of anti-government protests in the south-east Asian country.

People were forced to stay in their homes overnight, from 10pm until 5am, as the army imposed a strict curfew.

Television has been restricted to broadcasts by the military and channels like the BBC have been taken off air.

Thailand's former prime minister, Yingluck Shinawatra, is today having talks with the military.

A country divided

Thailand is a country with big differences in people's views, depending on where they live.

People in poorer, rural areas of Thailand's countryside generally support the government; but in the towns and cities of more urban areas, people with more money don't agree with how they've been running the country.

In the past year there's been growing unrest, with huge protests against the government.