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Are Alex Cearns' animals the cutest animal pics ever?

We take a look at Alex Cearns' photo collection capturing some of the cutest animal pictures you'll ever see.
Wildlife photographer Alex Cearns has been taking pictures of animals for eight years capturing them in all of their cuteness. These five puppy siblings were rescued by an animal charity in Perth, Western Australia, and after time in foster care, were all adopted into loving homes.
5 pups
Bali here is a pup that was rescued in Indonesia, south east Asia, by Bali Animal Welfare Association that needed specialist vet care. Bali made a full recovery and was adopted.
Bali pip
Sadly a lot of the animals are survivors of abuse but Alex loves helping animals and working with them. This dingo pup is in the care of the Western Australian Dingo Association.
Dingo pup
Emma was found wandering the streets by a local ranger when she was around six months old. She was adopted and now knows lots of cool tricks which she happily does on command.
Emma the pup
These two rescue piglets Sami and Petri are inseparable - this pic makes it look like they're having a kiss!
2 piglets
These four ducklings huddled together are between three days and three weeks old.
These five boxer babies had a busy day and needed a nap during their photo shoot.
Sleeping pups
This baby red ear slider turtle sits on the photographer's little finger.