Who do you want to win the FA Cup?

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Watch Leah's report on the FA Cup final.

It's one of the oldest footballing competitions in the world - the FA Cup.

Later today Arsenal will look to end a nine year wait for a trophy as they take on Hull City in the final.

Arsenal are strong favourites, but the magic of the FA Cup means that their players won't be taking anything for granted.

Watch Leah's report for the lowdown on the two teams.

Who do you want will win?

Your comments

I want Arsenal to win because they tried so much this season.

Mohamed, Birmingham

I'm with Arsenal all the way, hope they win! I'm a huge fan, so I wish them luck and hope they win the FA cup.

Holly, Cornwall

I want Hull to win because I'm a 4th generation southern supporter. COME ON YOU TIGERS!

Herbie, London

I live next to the stadium and I have loved Arsenal since I was little. Go Arsenal!

Najma, London

I think Hull should win because it would be funny to see Arsenal mess it up... again.

Josh, Manchester

I think Hull should win.

Jack, Brighton

I would like Arsenal to win because they have lots of good players.

Oliver, Hertfordshire

Arsenal all the way! Come on you GUNNERS!

Rosie, Middlesex

I want Arsenal to win because I am a big fan of Arsenal.

Micheal, London

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