Anti-World Cup protests take place in Brazil

Last updated at 15:54
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Riot police in Brazil have fired tear gas at thousands of demonstrators in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, marching against the cost of hosting the World Cup.

Some demonstrators hurled stones while others burned tyres and blocked roads.

They say the billions of pounds being spent on next month's football tournament, should be spent on social projects, transport and housing.

Lots of workers, including teachers, were also on strike across the country.

Protesting against the cost

Brazil's hosting of the World Cup has cost around £10billion, most of which is public money spent by the government.

The protestors are angry that this money isn't being spent on things that could help the country's big problems with poverty and inequality.

They also say that people in charge are corrupt and dishonest, and aren't interested in helping the country.

These latest clashes are much smaller than those seen last summer, when more than a million people took to the streets. It was the country's biggest demonstration for 30 years.

Brazil's president has called for calm: she says she wants Brazil's people to welcome the world's football fans.

But with the tournament kicking off in just a few weeks' time, protestors are threatening more trouble to come.