What's the cleverest trick your dog can do?

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A group of American graduate students has developed a dog feeder which they think can make pets smarter.

The digital dog feeder uses behavioural science to set dogs gradually harder challenges with food as a reward.

We want to know if you have taught your dogs any cool tricks or if your dog is super-smart and why?


What's the cleverest thing you have taught your dog to do?

How smart is your dog?

What kind of clever things does your dog get up to?

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My dog is very smart. He is a black Labrador. He can sit, shake, lay, roll over, jump and speak the syllables of his name.

Megan, Essex, England

I think my dog is very smart and clever because of his amazing sniffing skills. The best trick I have taught him is how to put on a seatbelt!

Sofiah, Kent, England

My dog, Lily is quite smart but only when she wants to be.

Saskia, Milton Keynes, England

My dog's name is Lassie and she is cool. She loves children and she will tackle you if you are having a kick about.

Courtney, England

My dog is not that clever but I think she's above average, she knows three tricks.

Mohammed, Solihull, England

My dog can roll over and catch a ball in the air.

Beth, Solihull, England

I have a good dog he's called Cain he can roll over and do a back flip.

Lee, Glasgow, England

My dog shakes your hand with its paw!

Natalia, Sheffield, England

I don't have a dog but my friend does. He can roll over and catch balls.

Haleemah, Blackburn, England

My dog tidies up after me!

Jawaria, Sheffield, England

If I tell my dog to bark, it barks!

Maria, Sheffield, England

My dog, Bella, is really clever because I taught her to roll over when she needs a tummy rub. She's so cute when she does that.

Grace, Warrington, England