Six giant glaciers in Antarctica 'melting' says Nasa

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Six giant glaciers in West Antarctica are melting away and nothing can be done to stop it happening, according to Nasa scientists.

They've been studying the remote area, in the coldest place on earth, for the last 40 years using satellites, aeroplanes and ships.

They suggest climate change, caused by people, is one of the factors behind the melting.

What's the risk of a glacier melting?

Just one glacier in West Antarctica can be nearly as big as the UK.

As a result of the glaciers melting more water is flowing in to the ocean.

This is having an impact on sea levels around the world and could be a danger to animals and people living on low lying land in coastal areas.

Scientists behind the research say the situation is a major concern but also say it could take hundreds of years for the effects to be felt.