Do you play on your smartphone or tablet before bed?

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Girl on laptop

Using smartphones and tablets before going to sleep can affect how our body clocks work, according to scientists.

Our body clocks tell us when to wake up in the morning and when we are getting sleepy at night.

Smartphones, laptops and tablets all release blue light which can confuse the brain and can make us stay up later at night.

We want to know if you use your phone or tablet before bed?

Do you stay up late playing on them?

Does using them affect your sleep? Or maybe you've been banned from using them completely at bedtime?

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I go on the laptop and turn it off about 15 minutes before bed so I have 15 minutes to settle down.

Bayleigh, Wales

I have never been allowed to go on gadgets before bed! I don't even have a phone-I much prefer books. I think that some parents shouldn't let their children have as much technology as they do.

Joanne, Chepstow, Wales

When I play on my iPod it makes me tired so I fall asleep easily.

Sarah, England

I go on my mum's tablet every night but when I'm finished I read a chapter of my Percy Jackson book. I get up for school at 8.30 and I'm not really tired.

Sarah Jane, England

I go on my tablet and my phone all the time when I come home from youth club at 9pm and I go on it until midnight even when I have school and I'm really tired but I'm going to cut down on it and set a timer so I'm not tired in the morning.

Koreyb, Manchester, England

I used to play on my smartphone before I went to bed. At first, I didn't know playing on my smartphone affected my sleeping. However, when I started to play on it, I couldn't stop. It was very hard for me to control.

Ha Eun, Seosan, Republic of Korea

I usually go on my phone, laptop, Ipad or ipod before I sleep, it is a great way for me to drop off to sleep!

Laura, London, England

I like to check the internet before I go to bed because I like to see all the pictures that my friends and family put up.

Jessica, London England

I always go on my phone at night but I need to stop because in the morning I am really tired!

Shannon, England

I go on my tablet before bed or on my laptop, but I have to come of it an hour or two before I go to bed so that I can wind down, otherwise I can't get to sleep.

Natasha, Bournemouth, England

I use my phone to go online, my mum actually banned it a for a week but then I used to get up again at night and get it from downstairs!!

Hana, Bradford, England

I read information on my phone before I go to sleep and I sometimes do not sleep very well. The flashing light on my phone has also woken me up occasionally.

Daniel, Sheffield, England

I always go on my laptop at night and set my self a goal, but I always go over my time limit and I end up going to sleep late, then waking up for school late.

Alina, Blackburn, England