Where will the baton travel in the UK before Glasgow?

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Map showing the route of the Queen's Baton Relay.

The Commonwealth Games baton returned to the British Isles, arriving in Jersey on Sunday 11th May.

The Queen sent it off with a hidden message inside.

It has already been around the world to 70 nations and territories which are part of the Commonwealth.

The final relay runner will hand the baton back to the Queen at the opening ceremony in Glasgow on July 23.

She will then read out the message and officially open the Games.

But where in the UK will it travel?

Baton Route

11-15 May - Jersey and Guernsey

Check out the report below to see school kids in Guernsey carry the Queen's Baton.

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The Queens Baton relay has landed in Guernsey where it's been greeted by these lucky school kids.

16-19 May - Isle of Man

20-23 May - Northern Ireland

24-30 May - Wales

31 May - 13 June - England

14 June - 23 July - Scotland