Newsround's Eurovision fact attack

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The 60th Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Vienna, Austria on 23 May.

Every year 125 million people tune in to watch and cheer for their country's song.

Here's a Newsround stat attack all about the biggest music show in Europe.

In numbers

An early Eurovision Song Contest in 1960
The Eurovision Song Contest in 1960
  • The first contest was held in 1956, in Switzerland.
  • More than 1,200 songs have been entered since the show began.
  • Fifty countries have taken part.

Competition rules

Pollaponk on stageAFP
Only six people are allowed on stage
  • No more than six people are allowed on stage per entry.
  • Songs can not be a second longer than three minutes.
  • All vocals have to be performed live.
  • Songs can be performed in any language. Most winning songs (24 of them!) were performed in English.
  • Not all the countries that take part are geographically in Europe.

Winners and losers

Singer Suzy representing Portugal in 2014AP
Portugal has never won
  • Ireland has won the competition the most - seven times in total.
  • The UK has won five times.
  • Portugal has never won despite taking part for 47 years.

The UK's history

Katrina and the Waves
Katrina and the Waves won in 1997
  • We last won the competition in 1997 with a song called Love Shine A Light.
  • We've won five times and been the runner-up 15 times.
  • We've only scored nul-points once, in 2003.