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Take a look at school lunches from around the world

What do you usually eat for your school lunch? Take a look at these tasty treats from around the world and see what you'd fancy if you had a different choice.
Baani, a 5-year-old Indian schoolgirl, has a flatbread, a turnip dish and mangoes for her lunch. How often do you have turnip for lunch?
Baani, a 5-year-old Indian schoolgirl, eats her lunch prepared by her mother, consisting of flatbread, a turnip dish and mangoes, at a school in Jammu, India.
In Argentina, some children have milanesa - meat covered with egg and bread. It's often served with potatoes. Looks tasty to us!
A plastic plate containing an empanada of meat, milanesa (meat covered with egg and bread), and potato is set on a table where children ages 2 to 5 years old have lunch at a school in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Salmon, rice and fresh salad is on the menu at the Anne Franck school in Lambersart, northern France. At least there's a doughnut for dessert!
A school lunch consisting of rice, salmon, ratatouille, a slice of bread, a salad with celery and carrots, and an orange and donut is laid out on a tray at the Anne Franck school in Lambersart, northern France
A school girl at the Angela Landa elementary school in Cuba tucks into rice, fried chicken, yellow pea soup and a piece of taro root. Taro is a popular vegetable in Cuba and apparently tastes a little like sweet potato.
Milagro Ramos, a student at the Angela Landa elementary school, spoons up rice from her lunch tray, which also contains a chicken croquette, a piece of taro root and yellow pea soup in Old Havana, Cuba. Milagro brought fried plantains, lower left corner of her tray, and an orange drink from home. The children provide their own drinks.
Kids at El Caminet del Besos kindergarten in Barcelona, Spain, have vegetable soup, veal salad and fruit for their lunch.
The lunch is composed of cream of vegetable soup, pan-fried breast of veal with salad, a piece of bread, an orange or banana and water.
This might be more like you take to school in your lunchbox, but this packed lunch is actually from Ecuador. We quite fancy that cheese, ham and tomato sarnie.
The lunch consists of a sandwich of ham, cheese, tomato and lettuce, a boxed oatmeal drink, and an apple.
In Pakistan most children bring in home cooked food for their lunch. This photo is from lunchtime at Bahria Foundation school, and there's pasta, chicken nuggets and chips. The Principal says he tries to encourage parents to give their children healthy options.
Assorted lunch plates are arranged at a table for students at the Bahria Foundation school in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.
What do you usually eat for your school lunch? Well, if you lived in Indonesia you might have something like this - rice, meatball soup, tofu and vegetables.
Sri, a house maid, shows a lunch box she prepared for her employer's child, at an elementary school in Jakarta, Indonesia. The lunch consists of rice, meatball soup, and tofu and vegetables.