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Things turn pink in Northern Ireland for Giro D'Italia

Things are looking pretty strange in Northern Ireland as the country prepares for a huge cycling event, the Giro D'Italia. Things have been painted pink because the lead rider in the race wears a pink jersey.
Pretty in pink! It's not just cars, this sheep has had a bit of a makeover too. We wonder what it thinks about the new look...
Pink sheep
This car has been spray-painted pink to welcome the start of the Giro D'Italia. It's an Italian race and it's the first time the race has left mainland Europe. The race starts in Northern Ireland then goes through the Republic of Ireland before touring round Italy.
Pink car and bike.
Even tractors haven't escaped the Giro D'Italia treatment. The lead rider in the race wears a pink jersey so everything has been painted the same colour as the winner to spur riders on.
Pink tractor
...And this cycling shop owner has really gotten into the spirit. The race has 21 different stages and Stage One will pass through Belfast on 9 May.
Pink jerseys in the window of a cycling shop in Belfast.
The Giro D'Italia was first held in 1909 and covers more than 2,000 miles.
Pink bicycles.
Along with the Tour de France and Vuelta a España, the Giro D'Italia makes up cycling's prestigious three-week-long Grand Tours. Not much has escaped the pink treatment - even waiting for the bus can be part of support for the race...
Pink bus shelter
All the riders in the race will be hoping for the chance to wear the pink jersey. The race continues until 1 June and finished in Trieste, Italy.
Inflatable cyclist