Comments: What sports do your grandparents play?

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Watch Nel's report on Olga the 95-year-old athletics champion

Olga Kotelko is a 95-year-old athletics champion with more than 30 world records to her name.

The Canadian became the oldest recorded female indoor sprinter, high jumper, long jumper and triple jumper at the World Masters Athletics Championships this year.

She took up athletics when she was 77 years old and has won more than 750 gold medals!

Your Comments

My grandma plays golf every day and goes walking on the weekends.

Issie, Wiltshire, England

My grandparents play tennis and football and they are 79!

Nilofar, London, England

My nanny plays tennis a lot to keep fit, she does it three times a week!

Chloe, Leamington Spa, England

My granddad still does triathlons.

Holly, Buckinghamshire, England

My 71 year old grandma loves to play netball with me!

Olivia, Northern Ireland

My nan is 63 and she still cycles and jogs and runs everyday and my grandad is 68 but still frequently goes canoeing and once even took me with him!

Liam, Whittlesey, England

My great grandpa plays soccer and he is only 97!!!

Kimvibol, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

My nana and granddad love going cycling and they are both 71!

Katie, Yorkshire, England

My 73-year-old grandpa plays rugby for Middlesex and plays tennis with friends - he is awesome!

Dan, Leicester, England

My granny goes walking up mountains and hills in different countries like New Zealand, Zimbabwe and Israel.

Ruby, Gloucestershire, England

My granddad does not do any sports but my grandma swims!

Aysha, Lancashire, England

My gran is really fit. She does mountain climbing and she is 72!

Orla, North Ayrshire, Scotland

My whole family does sports even my pet dog Milo.

Joseph, London, England

My grandma is 77 and she loves running all day.

Josh, London, England

My grandpa plays golf at the weekends and he's 86.

Mohamed, London, England