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Pictures: Amazing hair at the OMC Hairworld World Cup 2014

There were some strong looks showcased at the OMC Hairworld World Cup 2014 competition in Germany.
The OMC Hairworld World Cup 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany, showcased some of the most creative hairstyles and clothing in the world. The two day competition say lots of colourful and interesting hairdos.
4 Women with orange hair
The World Cup attracted more than 1000 competitors from more than 50 countries. There were 38 different tests for the hairdressers to show off their skills.
Woman with oranges curly hair
It has been held all over Europe in the past and this year it was back in Frankfurt for the first time in 14 years.
Woman with blue hair
This hairdo is not for the shy. This contestant styled hair on a plastic doll in one of the tests during the competition giving a cool colourful swirl effect.
Doll with bright red hair
This colourful do is quite funky. One of the models made her lips very bling with stick on diamante and a super long colourful fringe.
Woman with pink hair
This model seems happy with her strong hairdo judging by her confident smile. This style rock and roll punky was being judged in the fringe category results during the fringe event.
Woman with green and blue hair
A model showed off her very long fringe while competing in the fringe event. It must be pretty hard to see with a fringe like that.
Woman with black and blonde hair
You make an effort to look a bit different and then someone turns up with the same hairdo! These models must have felt like they were looking in the mirror with their matching styles.
Twins with black and white hair