Comments: Should the summer holidays be shorter?

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Some headteachers in schools across England are considering making summer holidays shorter.

They're discussing spreading holidays more evenly throughout the year.

The group's leader says a shorter summer break could stop teachers getting too tired and cut expensive summer holiday prices for families.

At the moment it's only a suggestion but the government is planning to let schools in England have more of a say on holidays in the future.

We asked you what you think: would you like shorter holidays but more of them?

Or do you like the long summer break?

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Your comments

I really enjoy the summer holiday because you can relax and just have fun. But I find that 1 week or 2 week holidays go really quickly, then your back at school. So i wouldn't like lots of short holidays.

Millie, North Yorkshire

I think that school holidays should not be made shorter because it gives kids a break away from school so we can have plenty of time to spend with our friends.

Charlotte, Nottingham

I like how we have short holidays to keep us going through the year and then have a really big holiday to look forward too! It is good long because we can rest our brains and get good sleep for the new school year.

Tess, London

I live in Spain , because of the heat , we have a very long summer holiday 3 months . But the thing is we have hardly any holidays throughout the year (only one week at Easter). I think in England they should stay the same.

Cleo, Mironatlon, Spain

I really like the long summer break as I can have fun for longer.

Olivia, Northern Ireland

I think they should be shortened because we always end up getting bored.

Ollie, Manchester

I wouldn't mind shorter summer holidays as I become bored towards the end anyway. More holiday earlier would be preferable but the summer holiday should still be about 4 weeks long.

Alex, Cheshire

I don't think they should cut the summer holidays because that's the thing everyone looks forward to and it keeps us going through the year. If there are lots of little holidays it won't be as motivating for us and it also is sort of like a well done for getting through the year and it lets our brains relax.

Ellayne, High Wycombe

I think if they're going to make the summer holidays shorter they need to make the school days shorter.

Georgia, Brighton

Definitely not! Summer holidays are good because some people like to go on one big holiday for a month or longer, and with shorter and more frequent holidays it means school projects might get disrupted.

Joshua, Manchester

I think we should have shorter summer holidays but longer Easter or half-term break.

James, Reading

I want them to make the summer breaks to be LONGER like in Canada so we have more time in the sun and a longer thing to look forward to.

Oli, Oxford

No! I love the long break and not having to get up that early in the morning. I don't really like short holidays, they go too quickly!

Heather, Oxford

I think it is good to have long holidays because it means your brain gets to relax and you don't have to worry about much.

Iain, Sheffield

I would prefer longer summer holidays because, then we would get to spend more time outside in the nice weather.

Amelia, Essex

No! If I was in school during summer I wouldn't be able to concentrate because I would need to be outside in the sun instead of stuck in a class room. There would be no point me even going. The summer has always been 5/6 weeks, I don't see why it should change now.

Dulcie, Sussex

No, I do not want shorter summer holidays! I enjoy the 5/6 weeks I get off, I get to visit places like Scotland & Ireland, I get to explore the geographical buildings! Last year I walked across the 'Great wall of China' due to the 6 weeks off.

Billy, Oxford

I think they should keep the holiday should be the same.

Sarah, London

I can see the thinking behind it, but I think being inside longer at the hottest time of the year won't work, especially as we'll be thinking about how 'One year ago I was on the beach having fun.' And what about the Olympic Legacy? Summer is when I am at my most active, running up and down in the sun, entering all-day competitions, how can I do this if I'm in school?

Jessica, London