School teacher in China kissed piglet to thank pupils

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Pig kissing teacherReuters

A school teacher in China kissed a pig to thank pupils for not dropping rubbish.

Principal Hong Yaoming chose to motivate his children by promising to kiss a piglet if they kept the school tidy.

A month later the school was very clean and the principle had no option to fulfil his promise.

The pig was a bit bigger than he was expecting but he kissed it anyway.

Principal Hong Yaoming said:

"Instead of a regular sized piglet weighing less than 5kg (11 lbs), the pig I got was about 20 kg (44 lbs)."

Kids in ChinaReuters
Smiling and giggling children while they watch teacher kiss pig

The video has become very popular on a Chinese social network site and the 4000 plus kids at the school seemed to enjoy watching.