Making paper from poo: Indonesia safari park's dung plan

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See poo paper being made

The elephants at Taman Safari in Indonesia produce a lot of poo, about 2.5 tonnes of it every day.

Keepers there have come up with an interesting way of recycling it by turning it into paper.

It wouldn't work with all types of poo but elephant dung contains lots of undigested fibres which can be reused.

They sell the poo paper in the gift shop and say it is eco-friendly, perfectly safe, and reminds people about elephant conservation.

Elephant dungReuters

So how do you make paper out of poo?

  • The dung is washed and boiled to kill all the germs and get rid of the smell;
  • waste paper is then added to the softened fibres;
  • the paste is blended and flattened into sheets;
  • once dry it is ready to use;
  • 100 kilograms of poo will make around 250 sheets of paper.