Comments: Household chores - your views

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Girl cleaning

Children in Spain may soon have to do household chores.

The Spanish government has drafted some guidelines on how kids should behave.

One of the guidelines says children should help with household chores, but the rules don't mention any punishment for children who refuse.

What do you think of this?

  • What chores do you do at home?
  • Should all children have to do housework?
  • Should children get pocket money for doing chores, or do them just to help their parents?

Your comments

I think that we shouldn't have to do chores. We should be allowed enjoy being children and not have to worry about work until we are at least teenagers.

Craig, Waterford, Republic of Ireland

I think kids should help, and if they do, get a small reward.

Ellie, Hull, England

I take the recycling out and vacuum but still think that children shouldn't have to do chores

Fletcher, Polesworth, England

I think all kids should help with the housework because parents need help. We help make the mess so we should help clean it up. I do the vacuuming and dusting. I am thanked by my mum but I don't get, or want, money for it. I do it just to help.

Janet, Reading, England

I think we should have to do chores because you wouldn't want your house to be untidy and you can't find anything when it's not clean, every child should have to do a bit of housework.

Malaika, Bradford, England

I think children everywhere should do this. It helps discipline and will help you in later life. I myself do chores or as we call it 'jobs' every day and it has helped me realise and learn how much my parents have to do, so now I don't mind helping at all.

Rayne, Shetland, Scotland

It should be up to the family to decide whether they should go chores

Katie, Selby, England

I think that it should be up to the parents about what they want to do because all people do things differently.

Tia, Workingham, England

I think the idea wouldn't work because how would the government keep track of all the children? They wouldn't have a giant chart would they, with little smiley face stickers?

Evie, London, England

I wash the plates I used after I've finished my dinner or lunch and made the sandwiches by myself for school. This helps children when they get older and to do things independently.

Farsya, Birmingham, England

I think children should do chores because it helps your parents and you can get pocket money.

Erin, Consett, England

I do an awful lot at home, washing the dishes, vacuuming, lawn cutting, animal cleaning out and so much more. I think all children should do some chores around the house and get paid on how well they do it.

James, Devon, England

I'm seven and do chores, I empty the bin and my bedroom I love helping my mam.

Amir, Middlesbrough, England

I think it's fair that kids should help with chores around the house. I help by cleaning the dishes and keeping my room tidy, although I do think kids should get a few rewards for helping.

Stephanie, Norwich, England

I think this is a good idea because we will need to do these kinds of thing when we are older. Maybe the guidelines should say from what age because you can't make a five year old do chores, I think the age should be eight.

Elizabeth, Rochester, England

I do get five pounds on a Saturday as my chores are to feed my dog and keep my room tidy. Also I think children should get pocket money because it helps them to learn about business.

Cheyenne, Kent, England

I do the dishwasher and tidy up. We should get pocket money.

Ethan, England

It should be up to the individual family.

Leo, Salisbury, England

I can never find anything in my room when it's tidy. I feel sorry for those children in Spain.

Mollie, Watford, England

I help around the house, walk my dog and do the dishes on Sundays and I get £5 a week. I think parents should say if their kids should do chores not the government.

Mia, Burnley, England

Children should help with chores around the house, but that is up to the parent, not the government.

Emily, Liverpool, England

Yes they should. I am 11 and I do almost all the chores and I don't mind because it isn't hard.

Mya, Bradford, England

I'm 9 years old and help my Mam round the house, it's good to learn for future when I'm married.

Latifa, Middlesbrough, England

I think that it is good because you can then grow to like it and know what sort of things to do when you are an adult.

Alfred, Amersham, England

I help with the chores when I'm asked to. I think that it's good to get children to help but it's also important that we still have time to go out and play.

Brooke, Scotland

I think we should have to do chores because you wouldn't want your house to be untidy and you can't find anything when it's not clean, every child should have to do a bit of housework.

Saoirse, Republic of Ireland