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Watch Tim interview author Judith Kerr

There are lots of books being made for tablets and e-readers, which brought the number of people buying printed books to an 11 year low in 2013.

But one woman on the paper book's side is The Tiger Who Came To Tea author and illustrator, Judith Kerr.

The BBC's Tim Muffett has been chatting with Judith about the problems that paper books have competing with new technology.

And we want to hear what you think - do you prefer reading books on screen, or on paper? And why?

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I love reading books especially the Diary of a Wimpy Kid books but I prefer to use a e-book because it takes up less space and it's a lot lighter than a paper back. Also if it's dark, for example if you're going somewhere in the night, there's no light to read a paper back but you can read a e-book.

Marcel, West Midlands, England

I think people should read paperbacks because I don't think you would get the lovely book feeling.

Dylan, Edinburgh, Scotland

I do like to read e-books as I have an e-reader but there is nothing quite like the smell of a brand new book!

Ruby, Worthing, England

I think that paper books are better because I love the feel of a real book in my hands, plus, we're not allowed tablets in school even if we are reading!

Tammy, Northern Ireland

I like reading books on paper because the screen hurts my eyes and the whole feeling of just holding a book and the smell of the book makes me more intrigued to read a book.

Adam, Derry, Northern Ireland

I prefer reading books on paper because I'm not allowed to go on any electronic device before bed. And reading paper books makes you go to sleep better.

Annam, Derby, England

I like reading books on paper as it is more enjoyable.

Millie, Cumbria, England

I read online and on paper. I love that fact now you can read wherever you are; on your tablet, your phone etc. But I prefer to read on paper. Who doesn't like cuddling up and reading a book in your bed?

Angeline, Bath, England

I prefer to read books on paper because I like holding them and going to book shops to buy them.

Joe, Essex, England

I prefer reading on paper because on paper it doesn't waste electricity and your eyes don't have to stare at a screen which could damage your eyesight.

Alex, London, England

I love reading; it takes you to another world. I don't have a tablet or a Kindle. To read all you need is an imagination. When people see me reading in class they say, "Why are you reading?" and I answer "Why not?"

Jacob, London, England

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