Would you pay to see a copied relic?

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How good does the copy look?

An exact copy of Tutankhamun's famous tomb has been built in Egypt, to protect the original.

The ancient tomb was discovered in almost perfect condition back in 1922.

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Why is building a copy necessary?

Now the number of people visiting is causing its delicate walls to fall apart, so an exact copy has been built using laser scanners and 3D printers.

It's hoped tourists will go and see the copied tomb, instead of the original.

Your comments

I wouldn't go and see the fake. The thing that makes the tomb so special and amazing is its history. A copy has no history, what would be the point of seeing it?

Flora, Manchester, England

I would like to see the original, but as it's to help the tomb I would not mind going to see the copy.

Emma, Falkirk, Scotland

I would rather go to Egypt and see the real thing.

Jess, Birmingham, England

I would want to see the original relic because it would be interesting to look at.

Jessica, London, England

I'd want to see the original but I would go to see the copy because it would preserve history and give me pretty much the same experience.

Grace, London, England

I would visit the real thing - but if couldn't, I wouldn't mind visiting the fake one.

Lily, Nuneaton, England

I would rather see the original, but if it's to help save the tomb I don't mind seeing the copy.

Elizabeth, Kent, England

I would definitely wan to see the original, because the copy just wouldn't be real, and I would know. I don't think it would have the same atmosphere as the actual tomb.

Caitriona, Fleet, England

Would you go to see the copy?

  • Would you visit the copy if it looked just as good as the original?
  • Or would you want to see the real thing if you went to Egypt?

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