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Pictures: Tricking puffins back to Ramsey Island

Check out Newsround's picture gallery about the puffin plan in Ramsey Island to try and bring more puffins back to the Island.
The RSPB help manage the land with volunteers. Greg and his wife are the islands' wardens who live there all the time. Together they keep a close eye on the wildlife that lives there. Not a bad place to live, really....
Greg and his wife's home on Ramsey Island
These fake puffins were introduced to the island about three years ago to try and persuade real ones to come back - but they didn't work, so the RSPB introduced a solar-powered loudspeaker (in the centre of the image) that transmits an audio recording of puffin calls out across the sea. It's hoped it will trick the puffins into thinking others live on the island.
Dummy Puffins with solar panel device
Perfect day for a boat trip. Ramsey Island, less than two miles long, is home to lots of species of birds and mammals, like grey seals, which live on its rocky shores.
Boat on the water looking over board to Ramsey Island
The island has cliffs up to 120 metres high, with steep dropoffs which make the beaches around the island inaccessible. Not great for us humans on a beach holiday... but a haven for wildlife! Which makes it the perfect place for puffins...
Cliff on Ramsey Island
Once the team have found the best locations it's time to start filming. Always good to have a dramatic backdrop for your report!
Nel presenting on cliff on Ramsey Island
Nel arrives in style. Ramsey Island has been owned and managed by bird charity the RSPB for 20 years and is a National Nature Reserve.
Nel sat on the boat arriving at Ramsey Island
The only way to reach Ramsey Island off the coast of southwest Wales, is by boat, which operates throughout the day from the lifeboat station. It takes about ten minutes to reach the island and from there the adventure begins!
Ramsey Island boat departure area
There are also sheep and chickens on the island. You might even spot deer if you're really lucky, hanging around by the farm buildings or the cottage on the hill.
Chicken on Ramsey Island with view of the water
Somewhere out there on those rocky outcrops, a handful of puffins have been spotted. Sooner or later they may be tempted back to the main island once they believe it is safe for them to build new nests.
Rocky cliffs in the distance