Rescued manatees released back into the wild in Peru

Last updated at 10:40
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See the moment the manatees were set free.

Four manatees have been released back into the wild in Peru.

The animals called Liberty, Yani, Yanayacu and Solwere were only young when they were rescued from illegal traffickers so have been raised in captivity.

People capture the animal also known as 'sea cows' to sell as pets or kill for meat.

Manatees are an endangered species and this release is part of a conservation project to protect them.

The director of the Amazon Rescue Centre Javier Velasquez said:

"When we rescue a manatee we make a promise to the animal which is:

'We are going to look after you with a lot of love and effort and we promise that we will free you.'"

They kept their promise and now the four manatees are finally able to swim free in their natural environment.