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Ship that sank in 1888 found near Golden Gate Bridge

A ship that sank more than a hundred years ago has been discovered using sonar in the water underneath the Golden Gate Bridge.
A picture of the steamship City of Chester which sank in 1888. The passenger ship sank after another ship the Oceanic ran into it. Sixteen people died but 106 other passengers where rescued before the ship was lost.
City of Chester steamship.
The ship was discovered in the mud in San Francisco Bay near the Golden Gate Bridge. It is thought to be almost complete despite being underwater for so long.
The Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco.
This image by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration shows a sonar image of the ship. The wreckage was found in 217 feet of water just inside the Golden Gate while the area's shipping channels were being charted.
Sonar image of the sunken ship.
The ship's specific location was confirmed when a wire was dragged along and snagged the wreak. There are no plans to raise the boat from the mud but there will be an exhibition about the story of its discovery.
Golden Gate Bridge.