Comments: What badge would you introduce?

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The new badgesThe Scout Association

The Scouting Association are creating 17 new badges - and they're a bit different from building a camp fire or putting up a tent.

Instead the new badges will reward skills like sending an email, posting a photo on the internet or working out how accessible a building is for someone with a disability.

The new badges like 'media relations', 'photography" and 'communicator' will be spread across all age groups - but 10 are for the younger Beavers.

The Scouting Association think the new badges reward skills young people need today.

So we want to know - what badges would you like to introduce? Whether for the Scouts, the Guides, the Cubs, the Brownies or the Beavers - what skills should you get a badge for?

Your comments

I think they should make an internet safety badge because that can help other people as well as learning new skills.

Amy, Basingstoke, England

I think you should get a badge for travelling out of the country, and visiting foreign countries.

Andrea, Surrey, England

I would like to introduce a bravery badge for trying something you're scared of or trying a food you hate.

Dan, Redhill, England

I would introduce a roller-skating badge as it is very fun and a good sport.

Alice, Redhill, England

I would create a badge for friendship, because it is important to have good friends to put a smile on your face everyday.

Curtis, Pennington, England

The fashion badge, you can only get the badge if you can design and create clothes.

Kieran, Poole, England

I think there should be a "cultures" badge, so people will learn about different life styles from around the planet.

Valentina, Potters Bar, England

I would introduce a charity badge to show that you have helped a charity such as British heart foundation or cancer research, etc.

Mohammad, Maidstone, Kent

I think there should be a badge on food tasting because you can try different foods from around the world

Kira, Ealing, England

I think you should get a badge for learning a new talent and expressing yourself

Nabhan, London