Pro-Russian occupiers ignore deadline

Last updated at 08:20

Pro-Russian militants continue to occupy government buildings in eastern Ukraine, ignoring a deadline to leave or face eviction by Ukrainian forces.

Ukraine's interim president promised military action if government buildings were not given up by 06:00 GMT.

Russia warned that any use of force in eastern Ukraine could ruin crisis talks due later this week.

Last week we told you Pro-Russian protestors had taken over government building's in three big cities in the East of Ukraine.

This includes the city of Donetsk, where demonstrators want to break away from Ukraine and are calling for a vote next month.

A few weeks ago, neighbouring country Russia took over Ukraine's southern region of Crimea.

Ukraine is a country split over whether to have closer ties to Russia, or to the European Union.

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The country has been in crisis over recent months, with tensions mounting between people who want Ukraine to stay an independent country, and those who think it should become part of Russia.

Ukraine is sending security officials to the Eastern cities affected - Donetsk, Luhansk and Kharkiv - to try and regain control.

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