Kylie Minogue has quit the voice - who should replace her?

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Pop singer Kylie Minogue has quit The Voice after only one series.

The 45-year-old joined the BBC talent show last year, replacing Jessie J, and was credited with boosting viewing figures for the first few episodes.

She said touring commitments meant she would be unable to come back for a second series.

"Due to timing of my tour I won't be back next season for The Voice UK. Thanks to all who supported!", she wrote on social media.

We asked who YOU think should replace Kylie next season?

Your Comments:

"Rita Ora Because She is young and knows what she is doing."

Caleb, Bristol, England

"I think the new judge should be either Cheryl Cole, because she is friends with Will and it would be funny to see them competing against each other, or I think it should be Cher Lloyd because she would know the best tactics, as she became a singer by going on a reality programme."

Olivia, England

"I think Jade from Little Mix should be next because I LOVE LITTLE MIX!"

Holly, High Wycombe, England

"Katy Perry would be a good judge because she has kind comments."


"I think that Bridget Meddler should be the new judge because she is a really good singer."

Charlotte, Suffolk, England

"I'm going to really miss Kylie, but I want Jessie J back because she was a really good judge and loads of people I know loved her being a judge (including me)."

Sapphire, Somerset, England

"I think the new judge should be Nicki Minaj because she is a really good singer and I think she would get on really well with the other judges."

Shanae, Reading, England


Leah, England

"I don't think that Kylie should leave because she is awesome!"

Chloe, Horich, England

"I think Jess Gylne should be a judge because she is a new artist in the charts and has a different style to the other judges."

Niamh, Bristol, England

"I think it should be Pharrell Willams because he is a great singer and I think he would be a good mentor."

James, Staffs, England

"I think Lily Allen should replace Kylie as she is such a great singer!"

Lolly, Wokingham, England

"I think it should be Ellie Goulding because she is a really nice person, and she is a great singer. Also, she comes from the same region as me!

Rowan, West Midlands, England

"I do not want kylie to leave because she is the best coach."

Ruweydo, London, England

"I think Nicole Scherzinger should replace her because she was on the X Factor so she has done something similar on TV before. She's also an amazing singer. Nicole would be a really good mentor as she was on the X Factor. Finally Nicole has a huge fan base so she would bring in more viewers for the voice so they could beat their vivals the x factor."

Milla, England

"I think it should be Jessie J, Carly Rae Jepson or Taylor Swift because they are all really good singers and are very modern."

Jasmine, Sheffield, England

"I think that Adele should replace Kylie on The Voice, because a lot of people like her songs, and more importantly, she's British."

Lara, Narberth, Wales

"I think Demi Lovato should be the judge because she knows a lot about what it takes to be a singer."

Sarah, Manchester, England

"I think the next voice coach should be Amelia Lilly because she's so sweet and she's come so far."

Nicola, Bradford, England

"I think Jessie J should come back to replace Kylie because Jessie was a brilliant coach!"

Serena, London, England