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Pictures: Most endangered birds in the world

Researchers have drawn up a list of the 100 most endangered birds in the world, here's our gallery of some of them.
Scientists from the Zoological Society of London, a charity to help the conservation of animals, have researched 9,993 bird species and drawn up a list of the 100 most endangered. The Giant Ibis (above) is thought to be the most endangered bird on Earth with an estimated 230 pairs left on the planet.
giant ibis
Only half the birds on the 'Edge' bird list list of 100 are receiving help or attention. Kakapo (above) is number four. It can't fly because of it's very small wings and is the only bird that can save body fat to store energy, making the Kakapo the heaviest parrot in the world.
The list will help target which birds need more attention in the future. Here we can see the Philippine Eagle with its very lion-like mane around the face. The Eagle is known as one of the most powerful and tallest of its kind, being the dominant predator in The Philippines.
The Secretary Eagle is number 28 on the list. They are under threat because their habitat is being destroyed through deforestation. It is thought the name secretary came from their black feathers looking like the old secretaries quill pens being worn behind their ears.
Carly Waterman, programme manager said: "The release of the 'Edge' birds list enables us to prioritise our conservation efforts in the face of a mounting list of endangered species. These one-of-a-kind birds illustrate the incredible diversity that exists in our natural world". The Juan Fernandez Firecrown hummingbird (above) is a very elegant coloured bird, located on only one island in Chile.