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Pictures: Collection of cute Sloths

Lucy Cooke is a Zoologist and is on a mission to educate people about the cuteness of Sloths.
Lucy Cooke is a Zoologist - which means she studies animals and their behaviour - and has written a new book about the the power of Sloths. It's collection of super cute pictures which are getting a big following.
Lucy Cooke
Sloths have an almost permanent smile on their faces - which helps their cute factor!
Sloth in a bucket
They are huge fans of hugs and grab onto anything from cuddly toys to people.
Sloth in a basket full of cuddly toys
Lucy believes sloths are misunderstood animals. They are often tagged as being lazy when they're actually saving their energy to use the exact amount needed for their slow moving lives.
Sloth on a cuddly toy dog
Lucy hopes her book will help in her mission to change the way people see sloths - as cute instead of lazy creatures.
Lots of sloths in a bucket