Comments: Who should be on a mag cover?

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Girl Talk, Britain's longest running magazine aimed at kids younger than teenagers, has said it is going to put wider range of people on its front cover.

The magazine wants to show girls there are more role models than just popstars.

So in will come people like athletes, writers and scientists.

Who would you like to see on the front cover of a magazine? And who are the people kids should see as role models?

Your comments

There should be people of similar age to the readers who have done something amazing, or each magazine could have a different focus each week e.g one week could be about an athlete then the next week it could be about a notable historical figure.

Sophie, Cheltenham, England

I think Nicola Adams should be on the cover because she has shown that boxing isn't just a boys sport.

Evie, London, Enlgand

I think Lindsey Russell from Blue Peter should be on the cover, as I read the magazine and think she's a good role model.

Olivia, Northern Ireland

We just watched the article about Girls Talk magazine and would like to suggest a few people for the front cover: Susie Wolff the formula 1 race driver, Zola Budd the Olympic medallist, Jayne Torville, Kelly Holmes, Fatima Whitbread, Victoria Beckham. We feel very strongly that people should not be used simply for being famous.

Class 4, Derwndeg Primary, Caephilly, Wales

We would want to see Jesse J because she is a successful artist who helps other people start their careers, helps charities and is not afraid to be different with her bald head. We think she is a good role model, especially for girls because she stands up for women's rights.

Year 3, Manchester, England

I think Youtubers like Zoella and Sprinkle of Glitter should be on the front cover because they are very good role models as they are like a big sister, they don't push you to look a certain way and they made a career out of a hobby.

Alexa, Camberly, England

I think there should be people who inspire others like Michelle Obama.

Sarah, Manchester, England

We (my sister and I) both read the girl talk magazines. We think that reading a magazine should be time out from work and learning. Although it might be nice to find a new idol, they should make it someone who is pretty and famous, and possibly throw in a few fun facts.

Amy and Lucy, England

I would like to see a range of people in magazines, and I think others should see more people in magazines as well. Kids need to see athletes and scientists.

Jamie, Southampton, England

I would like to see inspiring people like cyclist Laura Trott.

Poppy, England

I would love to see Charlotte Dujardin on the front cover. She won double Olympic Gold in 2012.

Katie, Wiltshire, England

I think top authors and inspirational people should be on the front of the magazine.

Oliver, Crewe, England

I think you should have some new faces on the cover, people who you think are amazing because of the things they've done. Women who have set goals and achieved them. Inside the magazine we could learn about the person.

BB, Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

I think that Rebecca Adlington should be on popular magazines. Not only is Rebecca a sports role model she has also shown people like me to never give up and follow your dreams.

Rebecca, Kent, England

I think that having sports stars and politicians on the front cover of magazines because it will influence kids to do different jobs to singing and acting!

Naomi, York, England

Emily Simmonds because she is a great role model to children.

Kaitlin, Sutton, England

Personally I think that this is a great opportunity for women and girls to realize what their potential could be, if they put in the work and show the world what they are made of.

Zoe, Bristol, England

I think an inspirational person, like an Olympian such as Jessica Ennis, Victoria Pendleton and Nicola Adams or someone who everyone knows. Most magazine editors choose pop stars and they eventually get boring. Put someone different on the cover!

Amelia, Grimsby, England

I think that Christine Ohuruogu should be on the front of the magazine because she's an inspiration to lots of people and is always determined to achieve her goal.

Nancy, Hampshire, England

Kate Middleton, because she is a wonderful women and she is a great role model to others.

Maisie, Wallington, England

I think the Duchess of Cambridge or Jenny Jones.

Emma, Haddenham, England

I think girls could be inspired by different people if the makers of the magazine put different role models in it.

Maddison, Hartlepool, England

I think that J.K Rowling should be on the front cover - I've read some of her books; they are amazing! She is an outstanding woman - she has made mistakes, but has learnt from them.

Daisy, Broadstone, England

I think a good role model would be Jacqueline Wilson for girls. If they did a version for boys David Walliams would be great!

Archie, Essex, England

Rebecca Adlington because she is an amazing and inspirational person!

Zoe, Lewes, England

I think you should put somebody on the cover who does amazing charity work, and who does a lot for the country and other countries. He/She would be a good role model because it can show children that getting involved is worth it because you could change lives.

Emily, Essex, England

I think Katie from the CBBC office should be on the front cover because she's epic.

Beatrice, Mellor, England

I think that Jacqueline Wilson, should be on the front cover because she is very inspirational and could influence anyone to become a successful person like her.

Joe, Essex, England

I like having pop stars but some sports stars are good role models to.

Lizzie, Liverpool, England

I think that Helen Skelton should be on the front cover, because she has done so many amazing things and she would be a really good role model for all the girls out there.

Maisie, Slalely, United Kingdom

I think Dick and Dom because they are boys and it's usually girls that are on the front cover.

Maisie, Hawick, Scotland

I think Helen Skeleton should be on front covers because she is so inspiring!

Lucy, Northamptonshire, England

I think Jessica Ennis would be great because she inspired lots of people in the London 2012 Olympics.

Izzy, Kent, England

I think Jennifer Lawrence because she is a great role model.

Zara, Northwich, England

I think Helen Skelton should be on the front cover because she has done a lot for charity and is an inspiration.

Lottie, Bournemouth, England

I think every week we should have a role model from each category i.e. sport, celebrity, or someone that has done something nice to us like our friend

Sophie, Norwich, England

We could have Jacqueline Wilson as she inspires lots of children who want to be writers.

Ellie, Billingham, England

I think Zara Phillips should be on the front of girl talk because she inspires me and I would like more people to be inspired by her!

Cara, Rochdale, England

I think Marie Curie should be on the front cover because she made an amazing discovery and is an inspiration. I think we all need to learn more about historical figures that changed the way things work

Ella, Manchester, England

I think Bradley Wiggins should because he has done amazingly well over the last few years.

Amy, Liverpool, England

I think the England netball team should be on the cover.

Thomas, Brighton, England