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Pictures: Business using pigeons to deliver mail

A businessman has started to use pigeons to deliver mail to his customers instead of the post.
A businessman has started using pigeons to deliver his post. He was so unhappy with how much it cost to deliver his mail, he has started to trial using three trained carrier pigeons to deliver packages for his business. This is Deans-Delight, one of the pigeons he uses.
Pigeon post
Ned Corbett-Winder runs the gift delivery business in London, and only mails out very smalls parcels that the birds can carry around their necks.
Ned Corbett-Winder
The pigeons only fly from London to Oxford and can deliver small packages and letters of around 50 grams in weight. This is two-year-old Blue Jasmine, another of the delivery pigeons.
Ned says: "We have a flat roof on our warehouse. We joked about getting a pigeon coop on top and use pigeons to deliver letters and its becoming a reality."