Thrigby Hall nesting storks may end 600-year wait

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A pair of white storks nesting in Norfolk could be the first in the UK to breed from a traditional nest for nearly 600 years.

The birds are nesting on a chimney at Thrigby Hall Wildlife Gardens and experts think the female stork is on the point of laying an egg.

White storks breed in continental Europe and migrate to Africa in winter.

The last record of storks breeding in Britain was at St Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh, in 1416.

StorksAFP/Getty Images
Could these storks end a 600-year wait?

Ken Sims, director of the wildlife gardens said: "We gave the storks a helping hand by building a structure for their nest on the hall's front chimney.

"But they turned their back on our handiwork and have built their own nest on one of the rear stacks."

Ken said the birds are always pleased to see each other and greet one another "with lots of clicking and clacking".