Comments: Dunce v Muppet: What do you think?

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Watch kids put their questions to a Member of Parliament

The Prime Minister David Cameron and the Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband have been hurling insults at each other in Parliament.

Ed Miliband said that David Cameron was a "dunce", while David Cameron called Ed Miliband a "muppet".

Both men have said in the past that they want to put a stop to name calling in politics.

David Cameron later defended using the word muppet, he said: "These are spirited exchanges...I think the language in the House of Commons, where there is a lot of banter ... I don't think that's inappropriate."

Your comments

So why do adults complain about us being childish when that is all they are being. Who does that? They are both acting silly.

Sophie, London, England

I don't have a problem with them calling each other names. This is how PM Questions in Parliament have proceeded for hundreds of years but because they had no way of broadcasting it to the nation we haven't heard about it.

Tabitha, Washington, England

I thought that adults were meant to be role models, not calling each other childish names.

Georgie, England

I think its funny because they choose to say that and everyone is making a massive fuss, if i said that at school my teachers would just laugh.

Paige, England

I cannot believe that the leaders of our country are behaving this way! If this is how they are going to act all of the time, our country will fall apart!


I think it's quite funny. It wasn't anything serious and part of the debate.

Sophie, Derbyshire, England

I think it is a bad example to children and it was a bad idea to show it. They are meant to be role models but how can they be if they are name calling. I think that was wrong to name to say and they should both apologise.

Ella, Manchester, England

I think it is quite fun but not very mature that our MP did that. It is a bit of fun and I am glad they did it; it was only a mild offense.

Charlie, Elstead, England

I think it's very childish for to grown men to call each other names. I think they both need to realise that there are lots of people who look up to them as role models, it is very disappointing.

Mark, Larbert, Scotland

I am absolutely disgusted at our Prime Minister's behaviour! Does he even know that the majority of children who looked up to him, have now been let down? Is this any way for a leader to behave?

Sophia-Grace, Enfield, London

I think this is very childish, for one of the most important people in the country (David Cameron). Calling people a muppet is not setting a very good example for children, David Cameron is meant to be a good role model, however this does not display that.

Arslan, Rochdale, England

I think it is very childish for political leaders to be calling other members of parliament names. It is also not a very good example for children and members of the public.

Raheel, Rochdale, England

Despite the fact that Ed Miliband started this out of hand argument, David Cameron could have been the bigger person by not using insults in return.

Madi, Enfield, London

It will effect the whole country, now other countries will look down on us!

Abigail, Enfield, London

I really think that it's very childish that 2 grown men are calling other people names.

Matthew, Perth, Scotland

We should get the queen involved in this argument as she is the only person that can tell them off!

Oliver, Enfield, London

MPs have made S.P.A.G. tests for us so we use appropriate language. Do MPs need to take the S.P.A.G. test instead of us?

Corben, Enfield, London

It's not silly to have an argument but to call another grown man a muppet, now that is crazy.

Ruta, Hornchurch, England

I'm shocked that two grown men are acting like two big babies.

Roisin, London, England

If I called someone a muppet at school I would get a detention!

Mahad, Sheffield, England

I think they are acting like children calling each other silly names, they need to set an example for younger children.

Adam, Lancashire, England

It is just plain wrong to call each other names in parliament, if children get told off for name calling why shouldn't they?

Emily, London, England

I think it is not normal for politicians to call each other names. They are old enough to set an example for younger children.

Dominika, London, England

I think they should not call each other "muppets" and "dunce". I'm not saying not to argue, but they should not call each other those names.

Ben, Amersham, England

I think it was very childish, they should be setting a good example.

Alex, Chester, England

I think it's silly to call people names, the last time I called someone a name I was six. That's how childish it is.

Lucy, Kent, England

I think it is very stupid and childish that they are calling each other silly names.

Leah, Preston, England

I think that they are being childish and they should get their act together before children look up to them.

Elizabeth, Leeds

I think that both of them are being extremely childish, as they're grown ups who should be good role models for children.

Olivia, Northern Ireland

I think they should grow up because us children look up to them and if they behave like that what are we going to do?

Hannah, Chippenham

I think it's silly for grown men to have an argument.

Peggy, Kent

It is poor behaviour because when people say look up to and respect your elders, how can we do that if they are acting like 5-year-olds by calling each other names.

Stella, London

I think parties need to come to agreements quicker and with no screaming and shouting.

Claire, Aberdeenshire

I think it is very childish because children look up to them, they are role models.

Lara, London

I think that it's childish and shouldn't be allowed. If children get told off for name calling at school then shouldn't adults be told off as well?

Nia, Dorset

I think they are acting worse than the children do in my school playground!

Lucy, Birmingham

Those leaders should not be calling each other names. Some people might find it hurtful. They have been very childish.

Sofiya, Bury

It is definitely childish! Also, shouldn't they at least try to get along?

Charlotte, Aberystwyth

I think that leaders should not call each other names because the names that they give might be hurtful.

Jessica, London

I think it is very childish to argue and call people names in public. I am shocked that two grown up men are calling people names.

Phil, London

I think that they are acting childish, they are adults they should be a role model to children.

Trinnity, Swindon

I think it is not acceptable when leaders call each other names. It is alright to think of insults but it is not alright to say them.

Aibrean, Northern Ireland