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Picture: Mammal Photographer of the Year

Seals, hares and even a stoat feature in the 2014 Mammal Photographer of the year. Check out our gallery of some of the brilliant snaps.
The 2014 Mammal Photographer of the year award brings together some of the best wildlife photos captured in the UK. Stuart Scott took first prize this year, with this photo of a hare, celebrating the conservation of British mammals. "Seeing these beautiful creatures is always special," said the judges.
Hare 1st place
This rare photo of a common Seal was taken by Alex Berryman. He won first prize in the under 18's category of this year's competition.
The judges shortlisted this photo taken by Scott Passmore. You can see the young pigs have black stripes on which become a solid brown colour when they grow older.
Wild boar
Grant Auton took home 2nd place in the competition for this photo of a Seal peering from under the water.
Seal 2nd place
Adrain Hinchliffe was 3rd after capturing a stoat in its warm weather coat. During winter time, Stoats become white to blend into the snow to help hunt their prey and during warmer temperatures the coat becomes brown.
Stoat 3rd place
Maurice Flynn was shortlisted for this photo of the Pipistrelles Bat in flight. These Bats are the most common in Britain and estimated to eat close to 3000 insects in just one night.
This was highly commended in the under 18's category, water voles are usually mistaken for rats. Simon Baylis really caught the water vole in action with this close up shot.
Water Vole