How do you get boys reading more?

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A group of children reading books

Footie ace Frank Lampard has teamed up with the Premier League and the National Literacy Trust to get more boys reading.

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Nel chats with Frank Lampard...

The National Literacy Trust say not enough kids are reading and that's why Frank has joined forces.

How do you get boys reading more?

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Girls can say that they are better than boys and challenge them to a readathon every day.

Taya, Swindon

I think to get more boys reading you should make more books about football.

Jama, England

I love getting stuck into a good book. It is like entering all different worlds. You never know what is going to happen. Reading makes your imagination grow.

Yara, England

I love reading! Not many of my friends read but my brother likes it too. I think more famous people need to come forward like Frank Lampard, because they do have a big influence on children.

Anna, Northern Ireland

My mum makes my twin brothers read more by getting them to read more funny books.

Jessica, London, England