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Meet the fat pets on a mission to lose weight

Meet the fat cats and dogs working hard to drop their excess weight in the PDSA's annual fat-fighting competition.
The PDSA's annual 'Pet Fit Club' has begun and the UK's fattest cats and dogs are now on a mission to shed their excess weight. Over the last eight years, the contest has changed the lives of some of Britain’s biggest pets. Zed the Border Collie is now working with head nurse Helen Darnell to drop the pounds.
Fat pet
The Pet Fit Club was launched in 2005 and has already helped 57 dogs, 24 cats and 3 rabbits lose a total of 295kg (46stone 6lb). That's the equivalent of nearly 300 bags of sugar, more than 4,400 sausages and 740 tins of dog food. This White Shepherd Wolf weighs a whopping 10st 9lb!
White Shepherd Wolf
Bulky Boxer dog Diesel loves his treats but it's led to him piling on the pounds. He now weighs a massive 58kg, making him around double his ideal weight.
Bulky Boxer dog Diesel
This is Bailey the cat with nurse Emma Jenkins. He tips the scales at 8.8kg making him double the weight of a healthy cat. The bulging beauty has a passion for food and eats more than his canine companions, Ozzie and Ellie.
Bailey the cat with Emma Jenkins
Pepsi the cat is also now on a strict diet. Newsround will keep you updated on how the animals are getting on.
Pepsi the cat
Custard creams were a particular favourite, but his owner Suzanne has now banned the sweet treat, as he can no longer squeeze through the dog flap.
Diesel the boxer dog
Senior veterinary surgeon, Elaine Pendlebury says: "Pet obesity significantly increases the danger of developing major health problems such as diabetes, arthritis and heart disease and can also bring about the onset of these chronic diseases much earlier. It’s tragic to think that millions of pets are suffering under the strain of carrying too much weight, when it is an entirely preventable condition.” Nurse Amanda Shearsby is with Lucky the cat.
Nurse Amanda Shearsby with Lucky the cat
According to the charity, more than ten million pets are getting fatty treats including take-away food, biscuits and even chips. Max the Jack Russell is having his weigh in.
Jack Russell Max Harrison