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Pictures: Amazing spring pictures

Wildlife spring rituals have been captured on camera by amateur photographers across the UK.
The daffodils and cherry blossoms have bloomed, the lambs have arrived and the weather is getting warmer. Yes, spring is here! Check out this gallery of photos capturing the spring rituals of Britain's wildlife. This is a brimstone, one of our early-emerging butterflies.
Brimstone butterfly feeding
A grass snake in the spring sunshine at Hatfield Moor in South Yorkshire, England. Allen Holmes captured the image, he said: "I spotted it basking at my feet and was able to slowly crouch down and get a close-up."
Grass snake basking
Two brown hares boxing. At this time of year it's common for hares to fight when females receive unwanted male attention, hence the phrase 'mad March hares'.
Brown hares boxing
This snake is already displaying its mating colours, hoping for some early interest from females. "The males usually turn green by April but this one is already quite a bright green," said Ian Kirk, the photographer who captured the image.
Sand lizard in mating colours
Meanwhile, garden birds have been seen preparing for potential new arrivals. This long-tailed tit is collecting feathers for a nest.
Long-tailed tit with feather for nest
This common frog is surrounded by spawn in a roadside ditch in Glen Lethnot, Scotland.
Frog with spawn
A romantic portrait of a pair of swans together in Leicestershire, England. The birds usually pair for life and renew their bonds each spring with displays of love.
Swans courting