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Huge mudslide hits US town of Oso

A rescue operation is continuing following a massive mudslide in the state of Washington in the US on Saturday.
The conditions remain dangerous with parts of the area completely flooded, making it harder for rescue teams to operate. This waterlogged road is Highway 530.
Flooded road following the US mudslide.
Heavy rain is thought to have caused the mudslide and different groups are working together to search for missing people as part of a large rescue operation.
Rescue workers in the US town of Oso
Crews have worked day and night, using helicopters and laser imaging since the slide happened.
Helicopter assessing damage caused by US mudslide
More than 100 homes have been destroyed, 14 people were killed and more than a hundred people are still missing in the town of Oso. Some homes were swept more than 450ft (137m) from their original location.
Home damaged by mudslide in US
A large number of volunteers are now involved in the clean up operation.
Volunteers moving rubble in Oso following landslide.
Speaking from the air Washington Governor Jay Inslee said the landslide had caused "devastation beyond imagination", and added that the slide "basically cut a mountain in two".
Helicopter assessing damage caused by US mudslide
US President Barack Obama has declared an emergency in the US following a huge mudslide that hit part of the state of Washington over the weekend.
Arial view of US mudslide.
Rescue teams mark the houses they have searched with an orange X. There were 49 buildings in the path of the mudslide.
House destroyed in US mudslide marked with paint.