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Pictures: Colourful Holi celebrations in India

Take a look at these amazing colourful pictures from the Holi festival in India
Holi is a hugely popular Hindu festival where people celebrate by throwing LOTS of coloured paint at each other! These people in Allahabad, India are celebrating by singing and dancing.
A crowd of people are covered in confetti and purple paint
This little girl looks like she is thoroughly enjoying the celebration in Gauhati, India.
A girl covered in red paint
As well as paint, people also spray coloured water and throw water balloons to help cool off. Holi marks the end of winter and the beginning of spring and is celebrated on the last full moon of the lunar month.
A crowd of people covered in paint
We think you missed a bit! These girls are helping their friend get a thorough coating of paint!
Two girls smear another with powder paint
Holi is mainly celebrated in India but it has recently become popular over the world. These colour coated people are celebrating in Pasay in the Philippines.
A crowd of people throwing powder paint for Holi
After the festival there is a lot to clean up! This little boy has found a tap and is trying to wash off the paint. He could be there a while!
A boy sits under a tap to wash off paint