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Since the start of February the rugby teams from England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France and Italy have been battling it out in the Six Nations tournament.

And this weekend the competition comes to an end. Wales won last year but this time around they haven't done as well. Instead leading the table are Ireland and England, both with very good chances of winning overall.

Like the men's tournament, the Women's Six Nations comes to an end this weekend with three countries in the running to take the title.

Have you been following the Six Nations tournament? Do you have a message for your rugby team?

Your good luck messages for the rugby teams

Good luck to you all but a 1,000 more to Wales!

Mikolaj, England

I really hope Italy wins because I am half Italian and half American.

Aurelia, London, England

Good luck England! You're the best team ever!

Akai, Canada

Come on Ireland!

Anna, Northern Ireland

Go on Ireland, you can do it! Beat them! Good luck, I know you can do it!

Eve, Plymouth, England

Good luck to England, we can do this! And to the other teams as well!

Zoe, Hertfordshire, England

Good Luck to England. My granddad and my grandma will be cheering for you all the way!

Tracy, Hertfordshire, England

Come on Scotland.

Jono, Scotland

Go ENGLAND. I really hope ENGLAND wins.

Zunair, London, England

Come on Ireland! I wished that Wales would win, but now it's only England and Ireland. Celts, let's win!

Siani, Newport, Wales

Come on England, let's thrash them!

Jonathan, Stamford, England

You are the best rugby team, I hope you get another trophy.

Brandon, Leeds, England

Good luck England - do it for us and win it for our country!

Erin, Hertfordshire, England

England for the win. Come on ENGLAND!

James, Newcastle, England

My sister and I are going to watch the match and we are going to be roaring the house down because we will be screaming for Ireland. Best of luck Ireland, you can do it!

Grainne, Monaghan, Ireland

Brian you are the best player I have ever seen. I hope you score a few tries. I hope Ireland win. Come on Ireland.

John, Kerry, Ireland

Come on England! I hope you do well. Let's go and win the Six Nations!

Tom, London, England

The Welsh have done very well this year in my opinion, but I think that the Irish will win.

Isaac, Pembrokeshire, Wales

Good luck to Ireland and England too.

Julie, Nottingham, England

Well I'd like to say good luck to both England and Ireland as my dad's side of my family is Irish and my mum's is British.

Olivia, Northern Ireland

Keep doing what you're doing England.

Lucy, Berkshire, England

I thought Wales could win the Six Nations but now either England or Ireland will win. All hopes for the Irish.

Noah, Cardiff, Wales

Good luck! I can't wait to watch you guys! I hope all the teams do well, especially England!


Good luck to England as I love rugby and they are the team I support.

Megan, Blackburn, England

Come on Scotland, my granddad will be so proud.

Aimee, Dunfermline, Scotland

Good luck to Wales - I hope they can finish with a big win!

Phoebe, Hampshire, England

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