Should your teachers dress smart for school?

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A school has had a telling off by a schools inspector because some of the teachers weren't dressed smartly enough.

Ofsted - England's schools watchdog - announced earlier this year that they would begin marking teachers on the way they are dressed.

The head of Ofsted says a teacher's appearance can affect children's learning and attitude to work.

We want to know what you think - does it matter how your teacher is dressed? Should they dress smart to set an example?

Your comments

I think it doesn't matter what your teachers wear because at the end of the day at least you get taught.

Scarlett, Peterborough

I think that teachers SHOULDN'T wear smart clothes because it expresses their personality and nobody wants to be told what to wear when you're a adult.

Cheyenne, Kent

I think the teachers should wear smart clothes and have their hair tied up, because we have to wear the same.

Isabel, Surrey

I think that it depends on what subject they are teaching

Zara, Northwich

Teachers should dress smartly because they are a role model to the children and it is their job, because if they come to school with jeans it would look messy and the teachers might feel lazier.

Ariana, Barnet

I think our main teachers should be dressed smartly and helper teachers shouldn't need to look as smart. Although what the PE teachers are wearing doesn't matter that much, but I think teachers should smartly wear casual clothes instead of shirts, ties and skirts.

Celia, Surrey

I think teachers should dress smartly. Sometimes, teachers tell you off for dressing scruffily but they're not dressed smartly either.

Nia, Dorset

Well my teachers do dress smart but I think apart from non-uniform days, yes teachers should dress smart.

Erin, Scotland

I think it is very important for teachers to dress smartly as it shows equality because teachers tell us pupils to wear smartly but why not teachers?

Monsur, Sheffield

I think that teachers SHOULD dress smartly because then you would take the teacher more seriously. Also, younger kids may not question why adults aren't wearing uniforms. It looks smarter, feels smarter and may even affect how teachers teach because they will take their job more seriously.

Amina, Bradford