Chat: Are you dressing up for World Book Day?

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World Book Day launch in Dublin, IrelandPA

It's World Book Day and thousands of you up and down the country are going to school dressed as characters from your favourite books.

World Book Day is an annual celebration of authors, illustrators, books and reading, with events going on in more than 100 countries across the planet.

Perhaps you're dressing up as your favourite wizard from Harry Potter? Or a character from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, or another Roald Dahl classic?

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I going to school as Mr Stink because it's literally my favourite book and he is a funny character!

Amy, Dorset

I love world book day I dressed up as mad hatter although we had to celebrate on Monday.

Teoni, Scunthorpe, England

I decided to be Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

Kiera, Ilford, England

My school isn't doing a world book day dress up but we are doing a vote on what our favourite book is and the winner will become the class book

Ava, Ruislip, England

I'm going dressed as Hetty Feather from the book by Jacqueline Wilson.

Alice, Teignmouth, England

Everybody is getting dressed up for world book day. including the staff. It's a very fun day.

Drakies primary school, Inverness highland, Scotland

At our school we are dressing up as characters from David Walliams book "Billionaire boy". We are having a book day dinner with Harry Potter pizza and Winnie the Witches waffles, for pudding we are looking forward to Willy Wonka's chocolate cone.

Mr Shawcross and Year Four, Salford, England

I am going to be Fantastic Mr Fox for world book day.

Caitlin, Worcester, England

I am going as Hermione from Harry potter.

Charlotte, Douglas, Isle of Man

I have dressed up as cat in the hat.

Eva, Chipperfield, England

I am ganster granny.

Mollie, Stafford, England