Comments: How do you eat your pancakes?

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A pancake with cheese

It's Shrove Tuesday and we know many of you will be tucking into pancakes later - but what will you top them with?

Are you partial to sugar and lemon? Or more of a chocolate sauce fan?

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Thanks for all your comments - we had loads! It sounds like you all had some amazing concoctions - here's some of those you sent in.

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This year I had lemon and cinnamon and another one with Nutella and chopped banana. They were the best.

Lucy, Derby, England

I have mine with peanut butter but my dad has mushy peas.

Amaan, Manchester, England

On my pancake I have chocolate spread and marshmallows. Delicious!

Frank, Luton, England

I like sticking on anything that I can put my hands on that's edible.

Alex, Morden, England

I like my pancakes with goat's cheese and honey! I know it sounds disgusting but it's really nice.

Anais, Brighton, England

I absolutely adore pancakes with golden syrup and then folded into a triangle like crepe.

Dana, London, England

Me and my friend made pancakes yesterday and we had chocolate drops, sprinkles and sugar cubes. The chocolate drops melted and they tasted yummy!

Lucy, Birmingham, England

I eat mine with chocolate spread all over, then I make a face with Haribo and other sweets.

Phoebe, Leicester, England

I have chocolate spread on mine, fold it in half and fill it with cream.

Kristen, Manchester, England

I eat mine with chocolate and banana. It sounds disgusting but tastes out of this world, yum yum.

Rabyah, Cardiff, Wales

I normally put lemon and sugar on my pancake, but this year I've put three different types of cheeses on (cheddar, parmesan and camembert) with spaghetti hoops to finish.

Grace, Warrington, England

Lemon and sugar, YUMMY YUMMY!

Tasha, Fareham, England

I like my pancakes with chocolate spread and ice cream too. They taste delicious!

Fatima, Leicester, England

I eat mine with Nutella.

Ethan, Nelson, England

My favourite thing to have on my pancakes is paprika - I know it sounds weird but it's delicious! Mmmm!

Aaron, Whiteley, England

I eat my pancakes with honey but my dad eats his with banana and honey yuck!

Luke, Northam, England

I eat my pancakes like a wrap.

Jessica, London, England

I put loads of chocolate buttons on my pancakes with chocolate spread on and wait for the chocolate to melt. It's really chocolatey and really yummy.

Erina, Manchester, England