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Pictures: Children of Kabul photo gallery

By the end of this year almost all foreign troops will leave Afghanistan, which is one of the biggest things to happen in the country's recent history. Nel travelled to the capital, Kabul, the city where she was born, to see what life is like now for the children who live there. Here's a taster of what it's like.
There are many old buildings in Kabul. This is the Darul Aman Palace which has been left damaged after years of fighting.
Darul Aman Palace
Cars are also very popular in Kabul and at times the traffic can be so bad that it can take a very long time to get anywhere.
Busy road in Kabul
One of the hills that surrounds Kabul is called 'TV Hill' because of the number of TV towers and aerials built on it.
TV Hill
The future of Afghanistan, after foreign the troops leave, is still uncertain but for the majority of people who live in Kabul the one thing they do want is peace.
Writing on a wall
Before the foreign troops arrived in 2001 a group called the Taliban had a big influence on the country and banned things like music, television and most sports.
Girls with skateboards look out over Kabul
These girls have just taken up skateboarding - a sport that would not have been allowed under strict Taliban rules in the past, especially for girls.
Girls holding skateboards
They say even something as simple as skateboarding gives them a sense of freedom.
Girls skateboarding in Kabul
Children like to fly and run after kites. The hills that surround Kabul are full of children playing games.
Children flying kites
Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and the country's largest city with more than 3 million people living there. These children like to play on the hills that surround the city.
Children playing on a hill overlooking the city
A river runs through the city and there are many bridges for people to cycle over.
Bicycle wheel