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Pictures: A look inside Ukraine's presidential 'palace'

After President Yanukovych was forced from power in Ukraine, protestors opened his home to the public. They wanted to show the world what luxury he lived in.
After President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev, protestors opened up his home to the public. They wanted people to see how the former president lived. Many of them are angry that he lived on such a luxury estate.
Country residence of Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych
The country estate is known as Mezhyhirya. It's about 15 km (10 miles) from Kiev and filled with luxurious buildings, along with things like tennis courts and manicured lawns...
People stare through windows of Mezhyhirya residence
...and a ship. This replica galleon is floating on a big artificial waterway. The grounds of the estate have been kept secret before now, so people are shocked to see how many expensive items are on the estate.
Fake galleon at Mezhyhirya estate
There's even a private zoo, which includes ostriches and deer.
Private zoo
The estate also features a golf course. This visitor found a set of clubs stamped with the president's initials.
Golf clubs that belonged to Viktor Yanukovych
The parks are dotted with statues, ponds with fountains, wild ducks, and a pavilion.
Estate of Viktor Yanukovych
Protestors went there to see the luxury for themselves and to celebrate the fact that President Yanukovych is no longer in power.
Protestors celebrate in the presidential residence north of Kiev
There are even replica ancient Greek ruins.
Estate of Viktor Yanukovych