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Sochi Winter Olympics closing ceremony in pictures

For Team GB, this year's winter Olympics in Sochi was a real success. Getting the most medals for the country since 1924, last night the team were part of massive celebrations to close the event.
It was a chance for all the athletes from all the competing countries to celebrate their achievements.
athletes in the stadium
The Russian Olympic mascots made an appearance - Zaika (the hare), Bely Mishka (polar bear) and Snow Leopard (leopard).
The Russian Olympic mascots - Zaika (the dore hare),Bely Mishka (polar bear) and Snow Leopard (leopard).
They got to let their hair down and have a boogie as hundreds of performers entertained the crowds with a spectacular show. Brazil's Sally Mayara da Silva got into the spirit of things by putting on her own performance for fellow athletes!
Brazil's bobsleigh athlete Sally Mayara da Silva dancing in a crowd of people
The Games cost £30 billion, making Sochi the most expensive Olympics ever, and featured 2,800 athletes from 88 countries, with 12 new events added to attract young audiences.
closing ceremony
The scenes in the ceremony marked famous Russian culture, like ballet from Bolshoi and imagery from the artist Marc Chagall.
Scene from the ceremony
Host nation Russia finished on top of the medal table with a total of 33 medals including 13 golds.
It was the 22nd Winter Games and the UK came 19th in the medal table with four.
The closing ceremony was held at the Fisht Stadium in the Olympic Park, with performances that celebrated Russian art, music, dance and literature.
boat in the stadium
The flag was handed over to the next winter host Pyeongchang in South Korea. That might be it for the Winter Olympic games for another four years, but there's more to come from the Paralympic Games which start on the 7th March 2014.
Flags in the stadium
The giant bear was the one to blow out the Olympic flame and he even shed a single tear to show his sadness that the fun and games were coming to an end.
Bear and leopard puppets
The night was not short of fireworks! There were dazzling displays of every colour throughout the event.
Red fireworks
Sochi was alight with fireworks last night as part of the Winter Olympics closing ceremony.
Olympic rings and fireworks
The highlight of the night for most was the moment dancers recreated the 'faulty ring' from the opening ceremony!
Olympic rings with one closed
The ceremony lasted more than two hours, and ends 17 days of competition.