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Pictures: Winter Olympics - then and now

With a silver medal in the curling, Team GB have equalled their best medal haul since the first Winter Olympics in 1924. The games have changed a lot since then!
With a silver medal for it's curlers, Team GB equalled their best medal haul since the first ever Winter Olympics in 1924. These pictures prove the games have changed a lot since then! The opening ceremony of the 1924 Winter Olympics in Chamonix, France wasn't quite as spectacular as the huge budget spectacle of the 2014 Sochi opening Ceremony.
Opening Ceremonies
Ice hockey has changed a lot over the years. Players didn't have to wear any protection on their head or face in 1924. The goals were also much larger and the game was played outside.
Ice hockey game in 1924 and 2014
The curlers of 1924 used brooms you are more likely to find in a DIY shop. Modern brooms are specially designed to heat up the ice in front of the stones so they can glide further.
Curling 1924 and 2014
Safety wasn't the biggest concern for the bobsleigh crews of 1924. The teams were not required to wear helmets and the sleighs were not the perfectly crafted aerodynamic racers they are today.
Figure skating has been part of the Winter Olympics since the 1924 games. As you can tell, there's a few more sparkles in the modern competition.
Figure skating in 1924 and 2014
The science and technology of speed skating has changed a lot since 1924. Modern skaters wear tight lightweight suits so they can glide round the track as quickly as possible. In 1924, there was nothing wrong with a hat and thick jacket.
Speed Skating 1924 and 2014