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Adlington criticises pool closures

Rebecca Adlington says lots of kids won't become good enough swimmers because too many local swimming pools are being closed - so how important is yours?

The government says it's up to local councils to decide how they spend their money, but in many parts of the UK residents are fighting plans to close community baths.

We asked you do you use your local pool? If it closed would you be able to carry on swimming?

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Your Comments

My pool is very important to me. It is safe there and I very much enjoy it! I don't get to go that much but when I do go I love it.

Poppy, Basingstoke, England

I think that more swimming pools should be opened because not everybody has nearby swimming pool.

Ellen, London, England

I never go swimming at my local pool, as I don't think it's that nice.


I go swimming every week and I think it's important to know how to swim because you might need it in a serous situation.

Lulu, Bristol, England

I go swimming at my local pool once a week and it's really nice. If it closed, I wouldn't be able to carry on swimming. We swim somewhere else in school and it's really annoying because it opens to the public from 6pm onwards and that's when I have dinner and I do my homework!

Nia, Dorset, England

My local pool I very important because I love swimming and I enjoy getting my swimming badges. Unfortunately it is closing down and I wish it wasn't!

Sofiya, Bury, England

I find it very useful using the local pool, because I am a swimmer and a diver, and without the facilities I have I wouldn't be able to chase my dreams of being a successful swimmer or diver.

Zoe, Luton, England

I think that they are very important because where else would you go swimming? Unless you went into a larger one in the city, you wouldn't be able to, and that would cost extra money in fuel and the prices of entry might be higher, and the pool is almost certain to be noisier and busier. If the city pool had slides and water chutes, it would be worth it, though!

Sasha, Keynsham, England

We haven't got a local pool and I have to travel to Bradford on Avon through all the floods to get there absolutely awful! I hate it and I have a competition soon and have to travel to Bristol to do it. They said if Trowbridge has a local pool then they would hold it there. My option is to get on and do it!

Naomi, Trowbridge, England

My local swimming pool is really important to me because I have swimming lessons every Friday then I get to meet friends from my old school as I've just moved to secondary school.

Sama, London, London

My local pool is very important to me and my family and friends I train there every Saturday. My local pool is always busy with families. I know everyone would be devastated if it had to close!

Teegan, Corby, England

I personally think my local pool is important, because they allow educational lessons like swimming with school or with a club.

Cara, Swindon, England