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Colourful dogs parade in Brazil

It's canine party time in Brazil! These colourful pooches took part in the Blocao dog carnival in Brazil.
It's canine party time in Brazil! This colourful poodle took part in the Blocao dog carnival in Brazil on Sunday.
A rainbow coloured poodle
The Blocao dog carnival is the puppy equivalent of the Rio Carnival. Millions of people attend the Rio Carnival every year to see the fantastic costumes on show and these pooches didn't want to miss out.
A dog with angel wings on its ears
100 dogs took part in the colourful costume parade. From dapper feather hats...
A dog in a hat
Is that Minnie Mouse? No, it's just a dog in costume!
A dog dressed as Minnie Mouse in a red dress
Cats were welcome at the parade too. This refined moggy came dressed in its best.
A cat in a top hat loud floral garlands. Dog owner Fabricio Gonsalves explained: "Dogs love Carnival too!"
A dog with a colourful garland
A brass band and singer added to the buzz of the parade by performing Rio's anthem "Cidade Maravilhosa" which means Marvelous City.
A dog dressed like of a bee is seen during the dog carnival
This dog has come cunningly disguised as a rabbit.
A dog dressed in bunny ears is seen during the Blocao dog carnival
Rio has hundreds of street parties in the weeks leading up to the big Carnival which starts on 28 February this year.
A cat with butterfly wings